Welcome to Italy’s first Ethic Point service to ensure the protection and effectiveness of reports. On this site you can submit reports in a secure, confidential and guaranteed way.

IVS Group

IVS (International Vending Services) Group has been operating for years in the food service sector, in particular in the vending machine market for drinks and snacks, where it is the leader in Italy and the second operator in Europe; founded in 1972, the company was to all intents and purposes a pioneer in the vending sector in Italy. For IVS Group, respect for the values of integrity and ethical behaviour expressed in its Code of Ethics are a key element for the responsible and sustainable development and reputation of the Group. For this reason, IVS Group encourages and supports anyone wishing to report potential inappropriate conduct, misconduct or alleged violation of the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, in the Organisational Model D. Lgs. 231/2001 (where applicable), in Group policies and procedures and, in general, potential violations of laws and regulations.
Misbehaviour or unacceptable behaviour should be reported so that it can be stopped in time and action can be taken against its perpetrators. If you have definite information or reasonable suspicion, based on precise and concordant factual elements, that misconduct or unacceptable behaviour has occurred or is likely to occur, you may make a report, in identified form and anonymously, with an absolute guarantee of confidentiality and secrecy at all stages of the proceedings.

The Company has joined the service in order to ensure the best protection regarding advisories. By filling out the enclosed form, you can send reports in complete safety. The service is run outside the Company.

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I wish anonymity in reporting - you can still give us your data and our service will maintain your anonymity.

How will I be updated on the report made?
Even if you ask to remain anonymous, we must still provide you with information on the processing of your report with acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days of receipt, with feedback within 3 months as per the Rules of Service below.

Rules for the service (in brief): Please note that the Company must issue an acknowledgement of report’s receipt within 7 days from the date of receipt. In addition, the Company must follow up the report within three months from the date of the acknowledgement of report’s receipt or, in absence of such an acknowledgement, within three months from the expiry of the seven-day period from the report submission. All information shall be handled in accordance with the provisions on privacy protection and the protocols adopted by Ethicpoint to ensure the whistleblower’s protection. However, the service provider is not liable for reports that are untrue, in bad faith, defamatory or inconsistent with legal provisions or international principles on integrity and respect for human values. For more information on the service, see the full procedure (click here).

This page has been set up for the reporting management service for the company IVS Group S.A. – Registered office: Via dell’Artigianato, 25 – 24068 Seriate (BG) – Italy – tel: +39 002 5752 3000 –  www.ivsgroup.it